Key Ministry provides a wide range of training and resources for pastors, volunteers, and ministry leaders who seek to serve families affected by disability.


We understand that disability ministry presents a unique set of challenges and triumphs. We want you to know you are not in this alone! We seek to come alongside pastors and volunteers with relevant tools and resources to enhance their ministry. We have created an online Resource Kit with a variety of articles, forms, ideas, and how-to guides to take your ministry to the next level. Come explore our Key Ring Binder, Inclusion Fusion Library, The Workbench, FREERESPITE, Special Events, Party with a Purpose, and Key TV modules to find new ways to reach families affected by disability in your own community!


Key Holder Training
Key Holder Training is a three day course that allows participants to gain an in depth understanding of disability ministry with intensives in the following

Disability and the Body of Christ
Participants will gain a greater understanding of disability and its effect on spiritual development and church participation as it relates to the Body of Christ.

Practical Ministry Skills
Participants will learn practical applications for launching, growing, and sustaining a thriving disability ministry

Application and Understanding
Participants will be given the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned through case study analysis


Online Training
We understand it is not always practical or possible to meet everyone face to face. Conferences can often be costly to attend and require time away from family and ministry life. We seek to leverage the internet to bridge time and distance to bring you cutting edge online video training from presenters with a background in disability ministry.

Each fall we partner with the team at Pajama Conference to host Inclusion Fusion, an online Disability Ministry Websummit. The summit includes a wide range of speakers with expertise in the area of disability ministry. We have also made archives of past Inclusion Fusion presentations available in our Online Resource Kit. So cozy up to your computer in your favorite wi-fi hotspot and soak in the leadership and wisdom of those who blazed the trail before you. We hope you come away refreshed and encouraged!


Live Training
Though online training and resources are certainly excellent tools, there is nothing quite like meeting a person face to face. When possible, we offer FREE one day regional training intensives for those who seek to cultivate an inclusive culture in the local church.

JAM Sessions
If you are looking to “Jump Start All-Inclusive Ministry” in your church then this is the training for you! In this one day regional intensive participants receive training on topics relative to
• Basic understanding of disabilities
• Volunteer Recruitment & Retention
• Project Planning & Logistics
• Safety & Security
• Inclusive Classroom Culture
• Adapting Curriculum
• Behavior Management
• Application and implementation of materials covered

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If you would like to bring the Key Ministry team to your church for a training please take a moment to complete our Live Training Request Form.


Please note – Key Ministry will schedule JAM Sessions based on available ministry resources. We welcome any assistance by host churches to cover the cost of travel and lodging. We look forward to partnering with you to create a “church for every child”.