Monthly Disability Ministry Video Roundtable

Key Ministry hosts a Disability Ministry Video Roundtable on the third Wednesday of each month at 12:00 PM Eastern. Ministry leaders from around the country interact via Zoom videoconference to discuss issues pertaining to disability ministry. Register here to be notified of upcoming Roundtables.


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At the beginning of each month, you'll receive an email notifying you of that month's topic and inviting you to register. You'll then receive a link, via email, to join the conversation via Zoom videoconference.

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JuLY 18

Join Autistic advocate Carlyle King on this month's Disability Ministry Video Roundtable, where our topic is Loving Out Loud: What Autistics Need to Connect.
Loneliness can be a source of distress for many Autistic people. Snap judgments often prohibit friendships between neurotypical people and those with Autism. Carlyle will share research and strategies to consider.
Please join the conversation whether you are in the beginning stages of ministry or if you have experience and advice to share.
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JUL 2018: Loving Out Loud: What Autistics Need to Connect (with Carlyle King, Autistic Advocate)

JUN 2018: 5 Characteristics of Great Communication with Special-Needs Siblings (with Lisa & Erin Jamieson)

MAY 2018: How to Be a Special Needs Advocate in Children's and Youth Ministries (with Sarah Broady with Hope in Autism)

APR 2018: Disability Ministry: Beyond Children’s Ministry (with Ryan Wolfe)

MAR 2018: How Do Chronic Disabilities Impact Our Church Families? (with Barb Dittrich)

FEB 2018: What Does it Take to Host a Prom? (with Alfonso Feria)

JAN 2018: Outreach Ideas to Bless Special Needs Families (with Sandra Peoples)