Goals for Your Special-Needs Ministry in the New Year

Each year more churches are realizing the need to reach and support families impacted by special-needs. If that's your church, you may wonder what steps to take next.

Here are five goals you can set for your special-needs ministry in 2019.

Be there for a family when they hear a diagnosis

All special-needs parents, no matter when they get their child’s diagnosis or what that diagnosis is, need support from friends, their family, and their church. If you want to show them how much you care, here are a few tips for the days after the diagnosis and even for the years that follow.

Minister to the whole family.

Special-needs ministry doesn’t only take place in a classroom on Sunday morning. It happens in the parking lot, in the hallway, during the service, and even during the week.

Put on an outreach that targets special-needs families.

We see special-needs families as an unreached people group we plan to target. And like missionaries, we are taking the “go and engage” approach instead of just “come and see.”

Support adoptive families who may be struggling.

Rejoice in adoption and rejoice with adoptive families, but also be sensitive to those who are struggling and love them well.

Contact us if you need help

We have expertise and resources to help you reach new families and serve the ones you have. Email today if we can help you in any way! 

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