Tools and Toys to Make Your Classroom More Sensory-Friendly

No matter how big or small your budget is, you can make your Sunday school classrooms more sensory friendly just by adding a few of the fun and useful items listed below! (affiliate links included)

  1. Visual timer - helps kids transition from activity to activity and kids can hear and see the countdown
  2. Bubbles - fun inside and outside
  3. Mini trampoline - helps gets extra energy out
  4. Textured balls - great for kids to hold when they need to sit and listen to a story
  5. Do A Dot markers - easier to hold than crayons or markers for kids with low fine motor skills
  6. Foldable tent and tunnel - especially fun if you can put a blanket in the tunnel for kids who may need a quiet space away from the crowd 
  7. Weighted lap pad - helps kids feel more comfortable as they sit to listen or do activities
  8. Hanging swing seat hammock - if you have room, kids with sensory processing disorder usually love to swing 
  9. Noise reducing headphones - for times when it gets loud (like during singing)
  10. Sensory blocks - another toy they could use when it's time to listen 

These sensory-friendly toys aren't only for your kids with disabilities—kids of all ages and abilities can have fun with them.

What's your favorite sensory-friendly toy?