You Are Extraordinary

Every parent has a moment when they sit down face-to-face with their child to have an important conversation. The conversations may look a little different, but they have the same goal: to let children know that they are exceptional, unique and wonderful, and God has a plan and purpose for their lives.

  •  For the little girl who gets picked on based on the color of her skin

  •  For the young boy struggling with autism

  •  For the kid who gets bullied because he’s different

  •  For the child in the wheelchair

  •  For the little one who is adopted

  •  For the smart girl who’s always being made fun of

  •  For the brave little fighter battling illness 


You Are Extraordinary is for all the children who need a moment of reassurance from their parents to know that God has a plan and purpose for their lives, that they are loved, and—what might be the most important message—that the world is a better place when we treat all people like they are Extraordinary. 

 This book will help parents encourage their kids so that they know that they are exceptional in wonderful ways, that God has a plan and a purpose for them, that they are so loved—and what might be the most important message—that the world is a better place when we treat everyone like they are exceptional.

Every spread of the book will speak to a child dealing with a different circumstance, and at the end, the children will be together having learned that we all are extraordinary, and that the world is so much more wonderful when we reach out to everyone with kindness and love.

This book will emphasize all kinds of diversity: physical ability, mental ability, race, family, and personalities. 

Our words have creative power. Whenever we speak something either good or bad, we give life to what we are saying. When a parent speaks victory over their children, telling them, “I’m proud of you, I love you, You are amazing, You are talented, You are beautiful, You will do great things in life,” these are declarations of not only what we are calling out, but how God sees our children. As parents, when we speak words like these over our kids, we are blessing our children’s future.

 This book is for all the children who have ever felt less than the amazing, incredible, spectacular person God created you to be. They are perfect just the way they are! Whether they are typical, medically fragile, or have special needs, we hope this book reminds them everyday that they are EXTRAORDINARY!

Pastor Craig and Samantha Johnson are the founders of Champions Club. You are Extraordinary will be released July 30, and is available for pre-order here