"Steve is truly brilliant…a dear friend, dedicated physician, wise leader, and a passionate visionary. Throughout this work, Steve reveals his heart of compassion on multiple levels. Steve offers practical direction, medical knowledge, and foundational truths in order to educate and equip the local church in serving those considered ‘not typical’ in this world For over a decade, Steve continues to be my first resource when struggling with my son’s disabilities. Steve is unquestionably the most balanced, educated physician I’ve met. His work challenges us to embrace those who are ‘different’ just as Christ walked with the outcast. This is a MUST read for pastor’s, churches, and those who desire to understand and make revolutionary changes in our communities today. That means, this book is a “Must read” for YOU!"  

Colleen Swindoll-Thompson, Director, Reframing Ministries


"An excellent encouragement why we as the church can no longer ignore those dealing with mental health challenges. Dr. Grcevich beautifully outlines a new way of thinking to not only talk about mental health, but to bring meaningful and strategic support. I believe the church is uniquely positioned to be one of the most innovative solutions for mental health support and this book is a great starting point for that discussion." 

Joe Padilla, Executive Director, The Grace Alliance


"When I think of people who are helping churches become safe places for children and adolescents with special needs and hidden disabilities, Steve Grcevich is the first person who comes to mind. I do not know of anyone in the landscape of the church today who is pioneering the type of initiatives and innovative programs for the church. Steve’s book will help a variety of individuals—teachers, counselors, pastors, caregivers—to think deeply and biblically about caring for the least of those among us. His years of clinical expertise shine through, but in a way that comes off imminently accessible for people like you and I. Although we approach the discipline of counseling from different spectrums, I have always found myself personally challenged and encouraged by his friendship and counsel. I trust you will have a similar experience as you read through the work of someone who has dedicated himself to promoting meaningful connection between churches and families of kids with disabilities for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ."

Jonathan Holmes, Pastor of Counseling, Parkside Church; Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling


"Dr. Grcevich does not ask us to be perfect. But he does ask us to do what we can. And for most of us, there is much more we can do to welcome people who struggle to find their place among us. This book outlines a realistic, practical approach to inclusion, informed by expert knowledge and experience. It’s a must-read for every church leader."

Amy Simpson, Author, Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission


"Mental Health and the Church is a must read for ministry leaders!  Dr. Steve Grcevich offers the perfect blend of a psychiatrist’s perspective along with a ministry leader’s heart for the ministry of hope to those with mental health challenges.  Not only does he identify the barriers within the church culture for those with mental health issues, but he also provides doable strategies that empower the church to include those with mental health challenges.  Oh that every church would do “something” for including the millions of us who have a mental health diagnosis!"

Pastor Brad Hoefs, Founder of Fresh Hope for Mental Health


"This book is a rare find; Grcevich expertly combines medical information, research, and practical solutions to create a clear path to understanding and inclusion. I predict that well-worn, dog eared copies will be on the desks of pastors, elders, and Christian Educators everywhere. The Church will grow in strength and beauty as a result."

Katie Wetherbee, Learning Specialist, Notre Dame College


"Mental Health and the Church is an eminently readable and informative book on a topic the church has ignored for far too long. Dr. Grcevich uses his expertise as a child psychiatrist to replace our misconceptions about mental illness and sin with truth. He then provides clear explanations of how mental illnesses most commonly affect children's behavior. Finally, he uses his years of lay experience as director of Key Ministries to outline strategies for making churches more welcoming to families dealing with mental illness and how to take the church to them. Grcevich’s book holds a place of prominence on my bookshelf, and is one I plan to recommend often in the future."

Jolene Philo, author or Does My Child Have PTSD? and co-author of Every Child Welcome: A Ministry Handbook for Including Kids with Special Needs.


"Too many people with mental illness have been sitting in the back pews of churches, if they are even there at all, for far too long. Mental Health and the Church shines a light on a topic that has largely been in the dark. It's educational, biblical, and thankfully, practical. This book is an answer to prayer."

Gillian Marchenko, author of Still Life, A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression and Sun Shine Down


"The issue of mental health is crucial for the ministry of all churches. It is an issue that brings us to the caring heart of the gospel.  Many congregations recognize the importance of this issue but struggle to find good resources to help them know exactly what to do. In this thoughtful, compassionate and practical book Stephen Grcevich provides a resource destined to facilitate careful and thoughtful reflection on key issues and a faithful pastoral response that is relevant for each and every Christian community. In writing this book Grcevich has done a real service for church."

Dr. John Swinton, Chair in Divinity and Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen


"I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Grcevich and his passion for the church to minister well to people impacted by mental illness. There are few trials as painful as mental illness and few topics as misunderstood. Dr. Grcevich helps crack the code, casting a biblical vision for the body of Christ to minister to people struggling with mental health challenges and the families who love them."

Kelly Rosati, VP, Advocacy for Children, Focus on the Family


"This book is long overdue. A truly fresh perspective on an ancient problem. As a pastor I believe this book will become an industry standard in helping churches minister more compassionately and effectively to children and their families. Stephen writes not just as an accomplished medical professional, but as one who has been ministering in the trenches. This is a must read for all who care about seeing the Church meet the needs of so many who are hurting and need the Gospel."

Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor, Scottsdale Bible Church