"Mental Health and the Church is an eminently readable and informative book on a topic the church has ignored for far too long. Dr. Grcevich uses his expertise as a child psychiatrist to replace our misconceptions about mental illness and sin with truth. He then provides clear explanations of how mental illnesses most commonly affect children's behavior. Finally, he uses his years of lay experience as director of Key Ministries to outline strategies for making churches more welcoming to families dealing with mental illness and how to take the church to them. Grcevich’s book holds a place of prominence on my bookshelf, and is one I plan to recommend often in the future."

Jolene Philo, author or Does My Child Have PTSD? and co-author of Every Child Welcome: A Ministry Handbook for Including Kids with Special Needs.


"Too many people with mental illness have been sitting in the back pews of churches, if they are even there at all, for far too long. Mental Health and the Church shines a light on a topic that has largely been in the dark. It's educational, biblical, and thankfully, practical. This book is an answer to prayer."

Gillian Marchenko, author of Still Life, A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression and Sun Shine Down