Launching & Growing an Inclusive Disability Ministry

Step One

What does the Bible have to say about disability? What is prompting you to take this first step? Let's start with the big picture.


Step four

How can you educate and engage your congregation about being an inclusive church? Learn how to enlist voices other than your own to promote your ministry.

Step two

Is your church leadership on board? What are some basic policies that you should consider? Let's get the basics in place and get your volunteers ready.


Step five

It's time to take your ministry outside the walls of your church. Bless families in your community with Respite Events and other outreach activities.

step three

Is your classroom a welcoming environment for students with sensory issues and learning differences? Equip your classroom and volunteers to better serve ALL students, including those with special needs.


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Key Ministry offers even more online resources as well as opportunities for you to network and learn from other disability ministry leaders around the world. It's time to get connected.