Digging Deep

As I sit here and type these words, tears are streaming down my cheeks like never before.  One by one.  It has been a tough few days.

Have you ever felt so low you didn't want to move, speak, or reach out to anyone?  Well, that is about me right now.  God has been growing me big time these last 3 years.  I know He is building my "testimony", but I think it is time to move on to someone else.  When I think I have been stretched enough, He keeps on stretching me.

I feel like I can't be stretched any longer.  I am about to break.

Do you ever feel this way?  Do you want to give up?  Are you in a bad state or feel at the end of your rope?

God is wanting me to fully give Him all my problems and my heart.  He wants me to fully rely on Him and not have Patty in the driver seat.  I don't really want to drive, but I keep putting myself in that seat out of a need for control.  God, please help me to rely on you and give it ALL to you.

I love the Christian Contemporary Artist Lauren Daigle and her song Trust in You.  It reminds me in whom I need to trust and rely on.  He knows what tomorrow or even what the next minute will bring and only He is in control of it.  We absolutely have choices, but He wants us to look to Him in everything.


Lord, I pray for all the other fellow special needs parents, grandparents, friends, and anyone that has a family member with special needs.  It is hard.  It is frustrating.  It breaks your heart at times.  It can feel sad and lonely.  Lord, you know all our feelings and all of our heart.  Please help us all and give us your strength, your power, and your courage.  Lord, I ask for those people reading this that feel so lonely or who want to give up that you will fill them with your power and love.  Let them know and feel your constant grace and mercy.  Thank you for loving us all the time no matter what.

Lord, I will trust in YOU!

-Patty Myers