Structure and Breaks for Summertime

When summer first comes it is a nice break from not having to have so much structure.  Maybe you get to sleep in later, mabye you don't have to make lunches, or maybe you don't have to drive all over the place every day.  Then a week passes by and you realize ... we need structure again!

There is a balance of breaks and structure that you need to have.

There are three summertime structure ideas I think help my family and me during those hot summer months:

  1. Give your child at least one week when school gets out to rest and relax, mostly choosing things they want to do.
  2. After about a week make a simple structure schedule to check off for at least 5 days a week.  The list should consist of a few academic things and then some life skills to practice.
  3. Have some planned structured activities for fun at least 1x a week.

Sample Schedule to use: SUMMER IS FUN

The most important thing is being consistent.  Stick with a plan, keep yourself accountable somehow every day to keep them on schedule.

Be consistent also on fun activity schedules at least 1x a week.  Some ideas for those things could be swimming, movies, theme park visits, biking, or maybe even doing some fun crafts.

I know we put vacation time in there which is great for a family to spend that time together getting away from the everyday routines.  Again, remember to keep balance have structure and breaks.

Patty Myers