5 Days to Spiritual Recovery for the Special-Needs Parent

“Our son was cognitively disabled; I was now spiritually crippled. Both of us needed urgent and intensive intervention. But therapists only came for him.” Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special-Needs Parent

A diagnosis of disability can strike the heart of a parent with brutal, blunt force. Regardless how rare a condition, and no matter how unique a family’s socio-economic, marital, or ethnic background, every special-needs parent struggles with the same, universal questions:

  • “How could God let this happen to my child?”

  • “Why won’t God fix this? Doesn’t He care?”

  • “I’m the wrong parent for this child. I’m not qualified.”

  • “No one understands what I’m going through.”

  • “I can never die. What will happen to my child?”

Diane Kim, author of Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special-Needs Parentis offering an email series just for you: 5 Days to Spiritual Recovery for the Special-Needs Parent.

Sign up today if you ...

  • Feel “crippled” by a piece of paper (a diagnosis or prognosis)

  • Grieve the loss of dreams and unmet expectations

  • Feel angry at God… but guilty and ashamed to admit it.

  • Feel underqualified, overwhelmed and alone

  • Worry they can never die (who will take care of my child?)

Unbroken Faith’s biblical application and encouragement gives wounded parents permission to grieve, process, pivot … and dare to hope again. We are not alone. God is in the trenches with us and for us, through all the mess and mystery. His Word is entirely relevant to the raw, gritty, yet hallowed spaces of special-needs parenting.

Experience what Joni Eareckson Tada wrote in her gracious foreword:

Unbroken Faith is offered as medicine for a hurting heart. Diane pulls back the curtain on some of the toughest faith questions asked by parents of children with special needs. She points you to the Word of God in hopes that you will experience heaven-sent comfort and compassion. She will help you grasp how God understands your pain and how He suffers with you. In this extraordinary book, Diane reassures you of God’s goodness, reminding you that it’s okay to grieve . . . weep . . . doubt . . . and to ask the hardest of questions.”

Whether by diagnosis, disillusionment, a death—or the death of a dream—everyone gets “crippled” by something.

No one is exempt from the jagged edges of a broken planet. All believers struggle to reconcile faith with disappointment. Sin and brokenness may steal, kill, and destroy, indiscriminately. But no matter the spiritual diagnosis, Jesus is an equal opportunity Healer and Redeemer.

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