Please Be Kind To My Son

Those who are kind benefit themselves, but the cruel bring ruin on themselves. Proverbs 11:17

I sat on the bench with my husband and daughter.

We were at a park taking a break while my son Charlie (4 at the time) went on the playground right in front of us.

As we sat and watched another boy kept following Charlie and trying to ask him something.

At the time Charlie couldn't say too much. He would just walk around covering his ears.

The boy got closer to Charlie and then started talking louder, which made Charlie cover his ears even more.

He was asking him, "Hey what is your name?" Charlie never responded and wouldn't look at him.

The kid took his hand and put it hard on Charlie's shoulder and said, "Hey retard what is your name!"


As soon as he said that my daughter and I made eye contact and she started to get red in the face.

My daughter said, "Oh he did not say that."

My husband got up quickly and said, "Teaching time!" (We would do that over the years if we saw a time that we could build more awareness about autism or even people with unique challenges).

My husband got up and started talking to the boy. He explained to him that Charlie had autism and it is hard for him to talk. He told him he wanted to be friends but it was hard for him to communicate fully with him. He just needed to be more patient and we don't like to the word "retard" either. That words hurts.

The boy was apologetic and then his grandmother came right up. She was very kind as well and was sorry her grandson had used that word.

We have bigger issues of kids now not being kind I know, way more violence than just using mean words.

I think a lot of these unkind words can lead to more aggressive outbursts by others as well as increase bullying and making fun of another child.

Help us stand up when we see this happening. We don't have to be rude or unkind about it, but be gentle and stand up. Explain to others how words can hurt or words can give power. Most of the time this happens out of fear and feeling uncomfortable about seeing a difference. Once you open up the conversation and answer any questions they may have then there is nothing to talk about.

God wants us to be kind of course but He also wants us to be great examples for Him.

He wants us to be kind as we explain and share with others about our differences.

Instead of getting angry and walking away, use the opportunity to teach. Maybe just maybe God will use you to help them stop and spread even more awareness through their understanding more.

So in this month of April where we celebrate people with autism, I wanted to share a funny video. I hope it helps you smile and laugh giving you some great ideas of how you can be kind to someone else or share kindness with others.

P.S. Please be kind to my son.

Patty Myers