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Key Ministry is pleased to recommend several outstanding organizations that offer local educational/support groups for individuals or family members with disabilities or special needs.

Fresh Hope for Mental Health: The Fresh Hope movement began in 2009 as a Christian support group for those who suffer from mental illness and their loved ones. In 2007, Pastor Brad Hoefs felt called to start a faith-based support group. For two years, he searched for materials that would help him start and lead such a group from a Biblical, hope-filled point of view, with no success. With encouragement and input from his doctor, Dr. Michael Egger, Pastor Brad decided to write the materials himself. He developed six faith-based, Biblical tenets (principles) for those who have mental health issues and their loved ones.

Fresh Hope currently offers approximately two dozen support groups at churches in fourteen states, Canada, England and Australia. Click here to locate a group.


Mental Health Grace Alliance seeks to transform lives, faith communities and society by building a mental health peer-provider movement through education, training and collaboration. Their church-based groups are largely focused on meeting the needs of adults with mental illness or trauma. They offer…

Family Grace, 14 week curriculum-based support group for the families of those living with a mental health difficulty or disorder led by family members or lay leaders. Click hereand page down to locate a group near you (currently in California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Australia) or learn how to start a group.

Living Grace, a 12 week curriculum-based support group for those living with a mental health difficulty or disorder led by peers or lay leaders. Click here and page down to find a group in your area (currently in Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, Australia and Guam) or learn how to start a group.

Living Hope, a twelve week  curriculum-based support group for those who have experienced trauma or PTSD led by peers or lay leaders. Click this link and page down to find a group (currently in Illinois, Texas and Washington) or learn how to start a group.


Rising Above Ministries’ affiliate groups host non-denominational worship experiences for families of individuals with special needs, allowing families to come together with others in an accepting environment. In addition to regular worship services and signature events, Rising Above affiliates also host:

  • Support groups

  • Small group Bible studies

  • Connect groups

  • Family activities

Chapters also hold regular social outings, family activities and other events for the special needs community. Affiliates and Connect Groups offer a chance to engage with other special needs families for groups, Bible studies, encouragement, shared family activities, and social interaction with others who “get it.”

Affiliate groups are located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Click here to connect with a group.