When Key Ministry’s leadership team met to reimagine how we might serve churches in the future, we were in agreement on two important issues. First, we were unanimous in affirming a future in which our team continues to provide direct service to churches. And second, we were of a single mind in affirming that we will offer churches relationships along with resources.

We aspire to help churches launch comprehensive initiatives to include kids with disabilities and their families into every area of ministry but we also want to come alongside churches of all sizes when they have a child or family they’re called to serve. It’s not at all unusual for for our conversations with church staff and volunteers to begin with the phrase, "So there’s this kid …"

Key Ministry is pleased to make available our FREE Consultation Service to pastors, church leaders, and ministry volunteers. Got questions about launching a ministry that you can’t answer? Here we are! Have a kid you’re struggling to serve? Contact us! Want to kick around a problem with someone who’s “been there and done that"? You know where to find us!

We’re blessed to have very experienced teammates recognized throughout the field of disability ministry to answer your questions or help you take the next step!